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One could say that the original idea was born out of love.
Love for humans, love for each other, love for Mother
Earth and to make people fall in love again.
It all started back in October 2020. COVID-19 outbreak
was at a shrink, offices were opening up and it was time
to for Pallavi to leave home, and we weren't ready for it.
She had came back to Jaipur after 8 years and this time
it was to stay. The sense of belongingness surrounding
her sparked an idea and hence began their entrepreneurial journey .

Enter Utkarsh, with his expertise in finance and operations adding a spark to Twenty5th. He
became the mind and Pallavi became the heart. Now we both
are hustling together and enjoying the process of learning and evolving every single day.


Personally taking trips to Kannauj, the scent capital of
India, we set to find out people and industries who have
been in this trade from centuries and observing how
they have worked. Picking only those who have been the
most conscious about the planet with their work and
have a sustainable approach to make their product we
have sourced the best essential oils and made the
blends ourselves.
Eliminating alcohol from our blends we have set out to
make everyone realise how the beauty lies in purity
when at its core and not tempered with and isn't diluted.
Sustainability come from every aspect of the business
and so is our packaging which is kind to the planet and
has minimal carbon footprint..

We believe that beauty stems from within; your outer beauty will surely match your inner persona after working with the team at twenty5th. If you have any questions about twenty5th, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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